Innovation and Creativity

A Showcase of My Work

Environmental Awareness

Here you will find examples from an e-learning module on the topic of climate change. It covers the causes and impacts of climate change on our planet as well as potential solutions for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It provides insights into the roles of governments, businesses, and individuals in combating climate change and demonstrates how each of us can contribute to protecting our planet.

Lights out

This e-learning module uses gamification to make the learning content more engaging and enjoyable. By incorporating elements like puzzles and rewards, the learning process is made more fun and motivating for participants.

Drag and Drop Interaction

This interactive e-learning module on waste separation in Luxembourg provides you with the necessary knowledge to properly sort your waste. Using drag-and-drop interactions, you can easily learn the waste separation system and make a contribution to the environment.

Articulate Rise - Time Management

My e-learning course on time management was created using Articulate Rise, a modern and dynamic e-learning authoring tool that focuses on creating e-learning with responsive design. One of the main advantages of Rise is that it is a purely web-based e-learning tool that can be used on any device. With Rise, you can create interactive modular learning blocks that make learning more interesting and engaging. Compared to other e-learning tools, Rise is faster and easier to use, saving time and money. In addition, Rise offers a variety of templates and features that make it possible to create engaging and professionally designed e-learning courses that meet the needs of all learners.

Badge collection

This e-learning not only rewards you for achieving learning goals, but also makes the process more enjoyable and motivating. You collect badges as you progress through the course and see your progress in the form of visual summaries.